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Here's everything you need to know for renting a dumpster container from South Ash Trash. Delivery, Pick-up are ALL INCLUDED in our rates.

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Size (appx) Price Duration
10 Yard Container (includes 1 ton)* 10 Days**
15 Yard Container (includes 2 ton)* 10 Days**
20 Yard Container (includes 2 ton)* 10 Days**

* $.10/lb over your weight allowance. Delivery and Pick-up are INCLUDED.


(prices subject to change per market fluctuations)

Your agreement will have the complete loading instructions and pricing.

Tires: Car and light-duty truck
Heavy-duty Truck / Tractors
(market price)
Fluorescent: Bulbs $4
Propane: Tanks $25
Batteries: Cars & Trucks $8.25
Mattresses/Box Spring: All Sizes $35
CFT: Freon Items, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Space Heaters $30
CRT: TVs, Computer Monitors, tube or flat $56.25

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  • Additional Charges will be assessed for each Extra Dumpster Transfers.
  • Overloading Dumpsters will result in Additional Charges.
  • Any container found to be containing asbestos will be returned to you and you will be liable for any additional costs pertaining to this load.
  • Warning Loading Instructions: Container is not be loaded with hazardous, toxic, flammable liquids, solids or gases. All Containers must be loaded below the sides. All materials loaded above the sides will be dumped off.
  • G.L.M., Inc. & Divisions are not responsible for damage inside the curb.
  • To Schedule Pickup: Call when loading is complete.
  • ** After the 10th day ground charges will apply ($5/day). All containers must be called in for pick up before 1PM Monday - Friday to avoid additional day charges.
  • December 1st - April 1st you must keep the container cleared of snow and accessible or additional fees can apply.
  • $25 Minimum Cancelation Fee of dispatched rentals.

TERMS: Customer agrees to the service performed above. Customer holds the company harmless for any damages done by company trucks, driver or container, and further agrees to be responsible for any damage or injuries while container is in customer's care.